• Online Support and Training for School Leaders for a Whole Year

    Week to week, step by step, online guidance and support for school leaders in supporting and encouraging teachers and school staff in teaching and modeling SEL.

    This course is for you if you are.…

    • Wanting quick, simple ideas for how to support and encourage your K-8 teachers in teaching and modeling SEL in just minutes a day.
    • Discovering that SEL has stagnated at your school and there isn’t any growth occurring.
    • Watching your SEL curriculum sit on teacher’s shelves.
    • Meeting resistance from your teachers in teaching SEL consistently.
    • Challenged in creating a “caring SEL accountability” and don’t know how it sounds, feels, and looks.
    • Unsure of what to look for in terms of SEL growth when you go into a classroom.
    • Scared to be vulnerable and to share your emotions authentically with your staff.
    • Needing support in developing your own social emotional intelligence.
    • Interested in being trained and supported on a weekly basis through an online, year long, course and monthly live meetings.
    • Open to a new way of teaching and modeling SEL that is quick,  consistent, brain-based, teacher-friendly, and evidenced based.
    • Triggered by your staffs’ and students’ emotions and behavior and finding it difficult to deal with your own emotions
    • Feeling alone and isolated as a leader in your school and not safe enough to share your emotions with anyone.
  • Online Support and Training for Teachers for a Whole Year

    Week to week, step by step, online guidance and support for teachers in teaching, modeling, and integrating SEL into a classroom in minutes a day.

    Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed with students’ behavior, lack of attention, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Do you want to support your students in just minutes a day? The most important part of any social emotional learning (SEL) program is the teacher–not the curriculum, however teachers can struggle with this challenge. Why is this? Most teachers didn’t grow up with SEL in schools which they attended when they were young, and teacher education programs haven’t offered SEL training classes or information about the brain and nervous system. Teachers usually don’t receive ongoing support and training in teaching and modeling social emotional learning, and it can be scary and uncomfortable to deal with their emotions. Teachers also don’t receive support to develop their own social emotional intelligence. One of the most powerful places to work on mental health is in the classroom. When teachers incorporate SEL into their classrooms, behavior issues go down and attention, focus, and academic performance increase. SEL can have a profound effect on mental health, trauma, stress, equity, and academic performance. There is a high probability that SEL in schools or classrooms will plateau or fail. I have been working with SEL in schools for 38 years. and I have learned what it takes for SEL to grow and prosper in a classroom and school. See details below.


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