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Trauma and PTSD: Supporting Children and Teenagers

15 Minutes To Mental Health

Trauma can have a huge effect on children’s and teenager’s brains and nervous systems, and their ability to think, feel, sit still, focus, and self-regulate emotions and physical sensations. Trauma can cause youth to get stuck in a survival mode of living day to day.

The negative affects of the pandemic on youth mental health are not over. This is the nature of a traumatizing event or experience. During a traumatizing experience, the body’s nervous system will go into a protective, survival mode. First, when we don’t feel safe, our bodies take action to protect ourselves. If action doesn’t help us feel safe, our instincts will cause us to withdraw, get passive, and shut down.

Traumatized children and teenagers can cycle between intense, high energy movement that can involve extremes of reactivity and aggression to low energy that can involve extremes of passivity and depression. Cycling between these extremes can be exhausting and tiring. Children and teenagers can be punished for behavior that is the result of trauma and stress.

Take just 15 minutes a day for 6 days to learn how to support traumatized youth in your life. This mini-course will support parents and caregivers in understanding trauma and how to support their children. 

When: Watch this course at your convenience (you’ll have lifetime access! – this course doesn’t expire!) 

Where: Anywhere!

What Will You Learn: Gain an understanding of the below listed topics …

  • Symptoms of Trauma 
  • Causes of Trauma
  • Triggers of Trauma
  • Cycles of Trauma
  • The Effects of Trauma on the Brain & Nervous System
  • Techniques to Calm and Balance the Nervous System
  • Simple Strategies for Supporting Traumatized Youth
  • Healing Modalities For Trauma Treatment
  • Highly Sensitive Youth and Trauma

Cost: $25

Instructor: Tom McSheehy MSW, LSW

Tom McSheehy has been a licensed social worker / family therapist for 26 years. He has worked with children and teenagers for 36 years as a teacher and social worker. Tom is a trauma trained therapist and EMDR trained practitioner.

Audio, Webinar and Video Refund Policy: Fees are non-refundable, but are transferable to other courses. If you are dissatisfied with the course, you may request a transfer of funds to another course.