• 15-20% of children are highly sensitive and many of these children suffer in silence because parents and other adults don’t know about highly sensitive youth (HSY) and how to support them. HSY often find the world an overwhelming and challenging place, and they grapple with mental health issues and loneliness, including thoughts of suicide. This is due to their extraordinary ability to feel and sense everything so deeply. Highly sensitive children perceive, feel, and process sensations and feelings more intensely than children who don’t have a heightened sensitivity. Because they have heightened sensitivity, intense experiences and environments can overwhelm their nervous systems. This can lead to emotional meltdowns and to being scared and hesitant to try to new things. Sensitivity is a form of intelligence and can be a tremendous gift for children and teenagers if they receive the support that they need to thrive. Take only 15 minutes a day for 6 days to learn how to support highly sensitive youth (HSY). This mini-course will support parents and caregivers in understanding who highly sensitive youth are, what they need to thrive, and how to support them in dealing effectively with this fast paced and intense world.


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