What Makes In Focus Unique?

Brain science has opened up a new educational frontier and provided amazing information about children’s and teenagers’ brains, how they function, and what they need. In Focus incorporates all this science into a powerful and unique resource with quick, daily lessons that meets the most important needs of students’ brains.

  1. The structure and sequence of the lessons are built on the findings of extensive brain research.
  2. The lessons are designed to meet the needs of all three levels of the brain: (1) brain stem = safety; (2) limbic system = emotions and motivation; (3) cortex = thinking.
  3. Lessons are quick (10-15 minutes each) and easy to implement, and lessons build on each other day after day.
  4. Background information is provided for each lesson, and a script gives the teacher precise words to say; the script can also be paraphrased to suit the class or situation.
  5. Many of the lessons tie into the development of reading, writing, and 21st century skills.
  6. Builds home connections by providing ideas for parents to do at home to support the teachersʼ activities in the classroom.

You can get more information about the books and purchase them by going to ThoughtfulLearning.com

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