Through Teaching Heart Institute’s presentations, credited teacher workshops, InFocus Books, and therapy services, we’ve proud to have impacted the lives of teachers, parents, and children in such positive ways. Tom McSheehy, THI’s founder and the author of the InFocus books, delivers impactful and resourceful teacher workshops on bringing Social and Emotional Intelligence into our school’s classrooms.

Workshop & InFocus Book Testimonials

“Tom’s deep understanding of the feelings of a sensitive child combined with his play-therapy and parent follow up session are an extremely effective combination.” ~C.S. and R.S.

“Tom displays intuition, emotional connection, amazing modeling of breath and body awareness and ability to teach my son in a way that he understands.” ~S. J.

hand-heart3“Finding the right therapist is the key to success, and for us, that was Tom. Other methods and therapy experiences brought us nowhere near the success and results that Tom’s approach provided. Thanks to Tom, we have a much happier home and our son is having a much better year at school.” ~C.S. and R.S.

“Tom has fantastic empathy and desire to help.” ~C.W.

“Tom has an amazing ability to connect with people. He connected with my son in a way that no one else has been able to during his grief. Tom was kind, compassionate and so very patient.” ~K.V.

“I really appreciated Tom’s own sensitivity and perceptiveness–he really understood my highly-sensitive son and myself intuitively. Having that understanding was just so helpful, as all of his recommendations were right-on. I also appreciated his honesty and his extensive knowledge in his field–he knew just how to help us heal and grow stronger as a family.” ~M.B.



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