How Will In Focus Help Teaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom?

In Focus provides quick, easy lessons that will develop key Social and Emotional Learning Skills. These skills will help your students to focus, sit still, and learn. In Focus will make the job of teaching easier and more enjoyable.

Improves Studentsʼ Test Scores: Studentsʼ abilities to focus and to achieve will improve , and they will be able to do their best on testing.

Lessens Behavior Issues: Students learn simple and effective techniques to manage and control their impulses and emotions and to calm and balance their nervous systems. Impulses and emotions cause students to be distracted and lose focus. Students who have too much or too little energy in their nervous systems will act out and misbehave or withdraw.

Improves Teacher Satisfaction and Joy: In Focus will help reduce behavior and discipline issues and allow teachers more time to just focus on teaching.

Teacher-Yellow-1Decreases Teacher and Student Stress: In Focus provides teachers and students with the skills to calm and relax their brains and bodies throughout the school day. A relaxed brain and body learns most efficiently, stays healthy, and attends school on a regular basis.

Is Simple and Easy to Use: Teachers are not trained in how to teach social and emotional learning, and many teachers are hesitant to move into the area of emotions and mental health. In Focus is easy to use and gently guides teachers in leading the lessons. It provides a brief amount of needed background knowledge and the lessons have scripts that tell teachers exactly what to say.

Requires Little Time: Teachers are overwhelmed and stressed with meeting all the curriculum demands. In Focus lessons can be done easily and quickly in 15 minutes or less.

Teacher-man3Creates More Time Spent On Teaching and Learning: The daily lessons require only 15 minutes of time, and many of the lessons can be done even quicker. You invest only 15 minutes and receive even more minutes back during the day because your students are able to focus, attend, stay on task, behave well, and produce more work in a shorter amount of time.

Uses Language Arts Connections: Language Art is a powerful way to teach social and emotional learning. In Focus incorporates language arts into its lessons and gives ideas on using reading and writing to develop social and emotional intelligence.

Builds Home Connections: In Focus builds a connection between home and school by providing simple, easy activities that parents can do at home to support the lessons being taught in the classroom.

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