Social Emotional Learning Workshops for Teachers


Summer 2018

What to Expect:

Boy_Learn2During this engaging 2-day workshop, teachers will explore and learn a variety of simple and easy-to-do classroom strategies and activities for developing students’ Social and Emotional Intelligence in just minutes a day. Each participant will receive the book, In Focus: Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence, One Day at a Time. This book uses a brain based approach to teaching Social and Emotional Learning to students in grades K-8.

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Upon completion of this workshop, teachers will be able to:


1. Self reflect on their emotions and behaviors as a teacher and mindfully model social and emotional learning for their students.

2. Teach their students to identify and manage their emotions and express them constructively.

3. Teach their students how to calm and soothe themselves.

4. Teach their students how to effectively deal with conflict and stress and focus their attention.

5. Increase studentsʼ impulse control and reduce bullying behaviors.


Details & Important Information:

Who Should Attend:

Teachers grades K-8, School Counselors, Principals

Upcoming Weekend:

August 6, 7  2016


Hampton Inn and Suites – Boulder North, Boulder, CO



Credit Available:

One hour of graduate credit from Adams State University is available at an extra cost of $55. Click Here to sign up for the graduate credit.


Contact Tom McSheehy at
or call 720-369-3000


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