Teacher Services: Social Emotional Learning Training & Resources

“Teaching is one of the hardest and most stressful jobs. Having taught for 21 years, I know firsthand how this stress can affect your teaching and your health.” ~Tom McSheehy

Students bring their social and emotion issues into the classroom, and these issues can cause the students to misbehave and distract them from focusing on their academic work. Teachers usually don’t receive training for how to develop their students’ Social and Emotional Intelligence. When students develop their Social and Emotional Intelligence, they handle their social and emotional issues more effectively, and students can focus their full attention on their academic work.


Help Students Deal with Stress & Manage Their Emotions

As the pressures increase in children’s and teenagers’ lives, so does their stress level. Developing students’ Social and Emotional Intelligence will help them to learn skills to effectively deal with stress. Students who are able manage their emotions, control their impulses, focus their attention, and calm themselves will be able to learn and achieve academically at a higher level.

Empowering Teachers

A large percentage of teachers leave the profession after just a few years because of the overwhelming stress of the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of the job. The behavior of students can sometimes trigger old emotional and psychological issues from when they were young or were a student. These memories and feelings can overwhelm and scare teachers.

Teaching Heart Institute is committed to supporting teachers in learning how to develop their students’ Social and Emotional Intelligence and also in developing their own Social and Emotional Intelligence. We offer credited weekend trainings, staff development, and counseling.


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