What is current research saying about Social and Emotional Intelligence?

Research and brain science is affirming the importance of developing students’ Social and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Emotion plays a major role in every intellectual process and is a driving force in how children’s brains organize themselves.
  • Fear and anxiety interfere with learning, and safety and security support and facilitate learning.
  • The brain has a particular hierarchy of needs that must be met in a particular order.
  • Students in schools with Social and Emotional Learning programs score higher on their standardized achievement tests than students in schools without such programs by an average 11 percentile points. (The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning— CASEL—conducted a four-year study of 207 school-based programs designed to foster children’s Social and Emotional Intelligence.)
  • Students who are taught Social and Emotional Learning are better behaved, more positive, and less anxious than students who aren’t taught these skills.
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence is critical to success in schools, jobs, relationships, and in navigating life challenges. Students who learn to identify, manage, and express feelings constructively are more likely to avoid anxiety issues, depression, and other mental-health disorders. (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence)
  • 67 percent of the skills that corporations look for in new employees are related to Social and Emotional Intelligence. It is no longer enough to just teach the traditional core subjects. (Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence)
  • Children who by the age of 10 years can delay gratification, control impulses, and modulate emotional expression become healthier, wealthier, and more responsible adults. (Based on the research of Terrie Moffit of Duke University and a team of researchers who followed a group of 1,000 children for 32 years)

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