In Focus Books

Rosalind Wiseman Recommendation

My In Focus books received a recommendation from Rosalind Wiseman. Rosalind is the author of the New York Times best selling book, Queen Bees and Wannabes, basis of the hit movie, Mean Girls, and one of the leading experts on Social and Emotional Learning and bullying. Here is Rosalind’s recommendation:

In Focus is a great brain based resource with quick, daily lessons that develop students’ and teacher’s Social and Emotional Intelligence in just minutes a day. The lessons are doable and fun–no matter if you’re a Language Arts, Math, or Social Studies teacher. I have seen a lot of Social and Emotional Learning resources, and In Focus is one of the best that I have seen. I highly recommend this valuable resource! – Rosalind Wiseman

Social and Emotional Learning skills are critical for success in school, jobs, and relationships, and yet teachers have very little time to work on these skills because they are overwhelmed with everything else that they need to teach.

Having taught for 21 years and knowing the time demands of a school day, I designed and created In Focus to be quick and easy to do. The lessons are 15 minutes or less. Each lesson has background knowledge, a script for what to say to the students, an inspiring quote, a picture, and a self-reflection question for the teacher.

The lessons are designed to meet the needs of all three levels of the brain and to develop your students’ abilities to manage their emotions, control their impulses, focus their attention, and calm themselves. Students will be able to focus and behave better and achieve at their highest level. Teachers will spend more time teaching and less time disciplining.

You can get more information about the books and purchase them by going to

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