Teaching Heart’s 7 Social Emotional Intelligence Keys to Academic Success

The following 7 components are essential to a child’s academic success. Social and Emotional Intelligence can be developed through project based learning and by focusing on a child’s talents and interests, as well as plays a part throughout pregnancy, daycare, and elementary, middle, and high school. Below are our 7 Keys to Social and Emotional Success.

1. Quality medical and emotional support for moms during pregnancy.

2. Quality support and guidance for parents and caregivers in building a secure attachment to their babies and meeting their infantsʼ physical, emotional and psychological needs during first three years of life.

3. Daycare with a quality Social and Emotional Learning program.

4. Elementary, middle school, and high school programs with a quality Social and Emotional Learning program.

5. Training for teachers and parents focused on developing their Social and Emotional Intelligence.

6. Schools that develop the academic subjects through real life, project based learning which incorporate and honor studentsʼ values and interests.

7. Schools that value multiple intelligences and identify and honor the intelligences, talents, and strengths of every student in the school.

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